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“Courage allows the successful woman to fail and learn powerful lessons from that failure. So that in the end, she didn’t fail at all.”  ~Maya Angelou

sometimes, when i set out to create a piece, it comes together like sweet honey and the mastery of bees.
other times, i love a piece i've created like i loved the smell of stale beer on my dad's breath as he tucked me into bed when i was a child. but that's totally weird . (right!?)
and yet still, there are times when i love the piece AND you love the piece, but i know that i was just learning, and so it isn't perfect, and i just can't sell it to you at full price. 
somewhere in the middle of all of the above is where these pieces live. they are the trials and trippings of my learning heart. my maybe...yes...well, no...but maybe definitely yes.

so...lucky you, because they're on sale and each of them is

as imperfectly perfect as we all are. 

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  • Double Strand Gold Choker
    Double Strand Gold Choker
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  • Peach Moonstone Ring
    Peach Moonstone Ring
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  • Teardrop Labradorite Ring
    Teardrop Labradorite Ring
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